Thursday, January 17, 2008


War Games

Size doesn't matter when you've got SPIRIT! We put up a good fight, aye, taking on the mighty God of (the) Sun at the border. We fought fair (no backstabbing hee) and we fought hard! So be proud of yourselves!


An exhilarating end to an exhilarating two weeks of orientation!

All the Ares classes really blew us away with your enthusiasm and creativity in your class items and class flags! We really liked a lot of your designs, but it's too bad we can only send in one entry :(

A10 ke bah bah! You guys and gals did an awesome job with your flag! The majestic stallion is seriously....fwoar!

All of you should keep your flags for posterity! Pass down to your juniors so they can be inspired next campfire :)

The pride and joy of Ares T_T : A13!!! You all really pulled through with an amazing performance! We were standing at the side next to the judges, and they were ROARING with laughter. Superb job *thumbs up!*

Hwaaaaa Chong ah!

Fac Dance! H-A-W-T!!! Let's go all the way and win this year's Dance Competition woo!

At the end of the day, you know it's still about Hwa Chong, and Jumpstart is only the beginning of this entertaining journey. Here's to an exciting 2008!


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