Saturday, August 16, 2008


The theme: Fashionable Aresians

Featured Aresian 1: Chng Luey Chun from 08A10.

Bio: Luey Chun has a charming smile that is simply unavoidable. Exuding a vibe of pure, unrestrained, male dominance, he was caught chilling while waiting in line to chow.
Of course, we had a few questions for such a FASHIONABLE individual.
Q: Describe your sense of fashion.
A: Communist. I wear a khaki uniform 5 to 6 times a week.
Q: Do you have anything to say to Ares?
A: I am a tree.

Let's give it up to Luey Chun for sharing with us his fashion secrets!

Featured Aresian 2: Tag Yu Jie from 08A10

Bio: Tag was seen in the awe-inspiring and simply daring combo of Ares Shirt + Jeans. Truly a grand display of how far ahead of the pack some individuals are.
Q: Describe your sense of fashion.
A: Sucks.
Q: Do you have anything to say to Ares?
A: Can you give me a moment to think about it?

And that's Yu Jie showing us how it's done!

Featured Aresians 3&4: Debbie and Lynette from 08S7C (left to right)

Bio: Lynette was seen in perfect color coding, with RED specs, shirt and shoes, BLACK specs, hair and shorts, and WHITE shoes, paper plate and hwachong logo. Debbie, on the other hand, was spotted flaunting her bling of a yellow light stick and a paper plate with some food.
Q: Describe your sense of fashion.
A: Weird, Mickey Mouse.
Q: Do you have anything to say to Ares?
A: Cool people cool faculty :)

Many thanks to Debbie and Lynette for sharing their valuable insights on life in general!

Featured Aresians 5, 6 & 7 : Tzinwai, Yifeng & Yiming from 08S78

Bio: These three hunkalicious bad boys were caught walking around with their arms over each others' shoulders. Looking unamused, they might still have been suffering the aftermath of the econs test.
Q: Describe your fashion sense.
Tzinwai: I'm hot.
Yiming: I think the guy in the orange shoes looks damn stupid.
Q: Do you have anything to say to Ares?
Tzinwai: We love Weekian :)
Yiming: Jeremy is fat.
Yifeng: Yiming is from China.

That's Tzinwai, Yifeng and Yiming, three dudes with an attitude!

Featured Aresian 8: Eric Huang from 08S76

Bio: Looking sharp, Eric was spotted satisfying his natural urge for food. Fresh out of the weights room and hungry, Eric is a true example of the economics concept: rivalry in consumption.
Q: Describe your sense of fashion.
A: Singlet, shirt and slippers.
Q: Do you have anything to say to Ares?
A: Help me think of one?

Clearly, Eric didn't have much time for thought while he was busy compounding his muscles with protein.

Featured Aresian 9&10: Theophilia and Jessie from 08A10 and 08S70 respectively

Bio: These two are a good illustration of the idiom: Birds of feather flock together. In matching shoes, skirt, shirt and even interesting head-on-the-plate pose, these chicks show us the true meaning of camaraderie.
Q: Describe your fashion sense.
A: Redder than red hot!
Q: Do you have anything to say to Ares?
Jessie: I love Ares!
Theophilia: Jessie is a retard.

That's Theophilia and Jessie, with their (slightly questionable) camaraderie!

Featured Aresian 11: Bjorn from 08A12

Bio: Flaunting his bottle of milk that was kindly donated by INSPIRE, Bjorn seemed full of glee when approached for a picture. Clearly, this dude digs the taste of chocolate milk.
Q: Describe your sense of fashion.
A: ... .
Q: Anything to elaborate?
A: No sense. Nonsense.
Q: Do you have anything to say to Ares?
A: I think Ares is the best faculty, but you guys should be more horny!

That's Bjorn spreading his propaganda to Ares!

If you were wondering why you missed such a grand display of fashion, these fashionable Aresians were spotted at THE RED KNIGHT on Friday!

Look out for better quality pictures of the event, coming up soon!


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