Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Aresian spirit never fails!!!

Now that the ashes of the Post-Orientation Party have settled, it is time to reflect on a period where you, the newly minted Hwa Chongians, have experienced different facets of College life. We saw how you battled for the glory of our Faculty and shed blood and tears during war games. We heard you when you cheered your lungs out for your Faculty mates during Campfire. We bore witness to your unfailing dedication to learning the Faculty Dance. And last night, we saw this dedication translated into a tidal wave of red which rocked the Central Plaza. Although we did not clinch the title, it was evident that the spirit of our Faculty and enthusiasm of each and everyone of you present left a deep impression. We sincerely believe that this period of bonding has given you memories to cherish and remember and always remember, once we are united, the Aresian spirit never fails.

In closing, we want to thank the Faculty Committee for having 'indoctrinated' you in the ways of being an Aresian, and especially our suave and groovy Dance ICs Chit and Chong Tee for showing us what dedication and passion to your craft is.

Mr Teh, Mrs Ng and Mr Khairul


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