Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ares Faculty Prince and Princess 2007 Nominee Roll

VERY IMPORTANT: dear aresians PLEASE remember to bring your tickets!! which are the adorable hearts we customised for all of you (: you need your tickets to enter!
Wang Qian

Douglas Lee

Kok Wanglin
Zang Ewe

Calvin Chia
Tan Yan An

Pek Shi Bao
Lin Ziwei

Lee Yi Xin
Anita Pee

Jonathan Wong
Teo Baona

Lo Sheng Wei
Tay Jia Yuan

Sean Poh Shi Yang
Rachel Goh Yi Ling

Chong Yu Han
Evelyn Wong

Goh Jun Heng

*Do let us know if there are any mistakes. Thank you! :)

Pool Teams

Team 1: Eu Jin, Jackson
Team 2: Tan Shou Han, Jonathan James Ng
Team 3: Neville, Keef
Team 4: Sean Poh, Michael Ong
Team 5: Ryan Heng, Hao Ran
Team 6: Wayne, Depin
Team 7: Wenwei, Chi Loong

We have more places available so each class can send more than 1 team, plus you can team up with Aresians from other classes!

Remember to be punctual:
12.30 pm - 3 pm, @ Monstercue, Le Meridien Shopping Centre (Opp. Somerset MRT)

*Please inform us if you cannot make it and find a replacement.

- an update by your AICs

Sunday, April 22, 2007


This is a reminder to all CT reps to send in your class photos by next week. Preferably by Tuesday/Wednesday. :)

- pub i/cs

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what's ROUGE?

Come join us on 28th April 2007, a lovely Saturday night for the most happening red event this month! Our very first Ares faculty outing this year will be held at the private Grand Ballroom of Pines Country Club in the heart of Singapore, a 5 minute drive from Orchard Road.

11 Faculty Prince and Princess nominees will compete for the title of ARES Faculty Prince and Princess 2007. Look out for your very own class prince and princess and gossip about who’s hot and who’s not ( just joking, it’s a friendly :] ). So just lend them your support and give them your fullest encouragement on the night itself! The newly crowned prince and princess will walk away with fabulous prizes. In addition, our reigning Faculty Prince and Princess will grace the occasion and crown their successors personally!

You will stand a chance to win mystery prizes and lucky draws on the night itself and there will be a Most Sporting Class Award as well! Here’s another catch, we will be looking for people who dress up the most appropriately/creatively/beautifully/attractively. The 2 lucky Best Dressed guy and girl will be rewarded handsomely. HIGHLY ENTERTAINING AND THRILLING GAMES (be forewarned) will also be played and it will definitely be a night to remember!

Feeling hungry? Be prepared to pamper yourself with succulent Asian and western dishes served by the in-house restaurant. Best of all, it’s buffet styled! Rest assured there will be enough food for everyone. =)

Venue: Pines Country Club
Time: 5.30 to 10.00 pm (arrive on time to receive a door gift!)
Price: $16 (highly subsidized, we’re not earning any $ from this!)
Who: You!

The Pines is located near town, just so you can have an outing with your classmates before or after the event. For more information on the location, visit

Hesitate no more, indicate your attendance on the form and make payment to your class CT rep by Wednesday, 18 April 2007! We look forward to your active participation in our very first major faculty outing of the year! We encourage you to invite your senior class and CT along too! Forget all about homework, make the night an enchanting and memorable one (:

Don’t forget our date on April 28,
Rouge ~ A Red Affair.

A Pre-Outing Activity just for you: POOL COMPETITION

Sign up for the friendly competition in pairs and challenge your fellow Aresians in the first ever Pool Competition! Show your friends what you’ve got or simply join to gain some experience. It will be held at a classy pool hall at Monstercue, Le Meridien Shopping Centre (Orchard Road) from 1pm – 4pm. The entry fee is only $4/person, of which $2 will be refunded when you turn up. Hurry as there are limited spaces! ;)

An event brought to you by the Ares Faculty Committee 06/07

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Combined Sports Meet Updates

Combined Sports Meet is in full swing. Here’s the lineup of events this week. Remember, if you haven’t registered but still want to take part in the below events, not to worry. It’s still possible as long as you go directly to the PE department to sign up.

9th April 2007 Monday

4x100 Inter-CT Guys’ Relay (Heats)
4x100 Inter-CT Girls’ Relay (Heats)
8x200 Inter-Faculty Guys’ Relay (finals)
8x200 Inter-Faculty Girls’ Relay (finals)
8x200 Inter-Faculty MIXED relay (finals)
4x400 Inter-CT Guys’ Relay (timed finals)
4x400 Inter-CT Girls’ Relay (timed finals)
High Jump Guys/Girls final
Shot put Guys/Girls finals

11th April 2007 Wed

200m Guys/Girls (Heats)
4x100 Inter-CT Guys’ Relay finals
4x100 Inter-CT Girls’ Relay finals
4x400 Inter-Faculty Guys’ Relay finals
4x400 Inter-Faculty Girls’ Relay finals
200m Guys/Girls (finals)
Long Jump Guys/Girls (finals)
Javelin Girls (final)

23rd April 2007 Monday

5000m Boys Final
3000m Girls Final

25th April 2007 Wednesday
1500m Guys/Girls final

26th April 2007 Thursday

800m Girls Final
3000m Steeplechase Boys Final

30th April 2007 Monday (Actual Day of CSM)

Javelin Guys Finals
100m Guys/Girls Finals
800m Guys Finals
4x100 Inter-Faculty Guys/Girls Relay Finals

Meanwhile, give it up for our inter-faculty relay teams!

4x100 GUYS
Nicoll Gnoh a11
Shao Jie s76
Keef Lin s7C
Lawrence a11
Vincent Lee s76
Calvin Chia a13
Bryan Buan s7C
Ooi Shan Chin s74
Yeo Ming Han s78

4x400 GUYS
Timothy Yap a11
Tay Hao Ran a11
Lee Qin Sheng a13
Samuel Tan a10
Daryl Lee a10
De Pin s76
Jeriel Lam a13
Leon s76
Sean Poh s78

4x400 GIRLS
Kok Xue Rong a10
Yeo Shi Jia a13
Chong Lingxiu a10
Jacqueline s72

4x100 GIRLS
Zesa Tania Chen XinYan a11
Cheryl Lim a12
Steffi Chan s78
Wen Rong s72
Tammy s72

For Inter-Faculty Events, do contact ruiyi if you feel you have what it takes to earn some points for ARES. We’re still looking for female participants for the 4x400 and 4x100 events so please step forward all you fast runners out there!

And if you know some fast runners who are just a tad too shy or modest, feel free to nominate them too, yea?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Inter-Faculty 8x200m Event


The participants for 8x200m Inter-Faculty 8x200m Relays on MONDAY at 3pm are:

8x200m GUYS
Nicholas Oh s76
Tan Yu Guang s78
Ng Zheng Tao s76
Kok Yu Feng a11
Tan Jun Yan Terrance a11
Stanley Lim s7A
Yuhan s7A
Bernard Tan s7A
Ang Jin Yang a11
Carlos Yang Yi Yu s76
Lim Sheng Heng s78
Wu Ming Yeung a12
Derek Foo a12
Ng Kiat Tat a12
Liao Wei Ming s74
Liao Wei Qi s74

8x200 GIRLS
Chelsea Lim Xiaoyun s76
Wong Jing Lin s76
Lim Pei Jin s7C
Lim Si Ying s7C
Soon Weiting s78
Chin Ying Peng a12
Loh Yi Bing s78
Rachel Tan a12
Olivia Ong s78
Phua Su-An Natascha a11
Sharon Kwek s7A
Wing Kee s7A

We’re still in search of more female participants (participation gets us valuable fac points) to make up the numbers for the above events so do please sign up with your sports rep, it’s not too late yet. FYI the relay races start at 3pm so make sure you go down if you intend to win for ARES. SUPPORTERS ARE WELCOME!

- sports IC out