Monday, September 17, 2007


Hey Ares peeps!

Whats new? There is a BOTTLE-OF-MUGGING-SWEETS attached to each of your class benches! This is a welfare initiative brought to you all by the Ares Fac Comm to aid you guys in your mugging! Chew and suck on these sweeets to keep yourselves awake while mugging for the promotionals exams or A'level Prelims!

Also please note, do leave the bottle at your class bench if you want it refilled. We will refill the bottles at the end of each day until we run out of sweets! If the bottle is not found to be on the class bench [string cut off etc] we won't be refilling it!

Thats all for now and goodluck to J1s for promos and J2s for A'lvl Prelims! Let us all pass with flying colours!

Ares Fac Comm 07-08 :)