Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Faculty Committee Interviews

Faculty Committee Interviews

Hello Ares! We’ll first like to say a big thank you to all those who supported us for the elections, and we hope that you will continue to support us and Ares in the upcoming year!

Now that our elections are over, it’s time for the birth of the faculty committee! Interviews for the faculty committee will be held over this week:

Mon 28/04/08

Tan Yi Rong Alvin 08A11
Poh Yu Hui 08A11
Lim Yue Qin Rachel 08A11
Mak Yi Ding 08A11
Khor Jing Ying 08S7C
Li Zhenyang 08S7C

Tue 29/04/08

Mui Boon Yang 08A12
Aran Atsuo 08A12
Lee Shu Fan 08S76
Yong Kailun, Karen 08A12
Yeo Hui Qi 08S7A
Choo Jianhui Bryan 08S7A
Moo Wei Ting Penny 08S7A
Joelynn Wong 08S7A
Zhang Yumeng 08A13
Ang Kai Ye 08A13
Xiao Yi Ming 08S78
Soh Wee Kian 08S78
Ang Li Fern 08S78
Tan Xi Ping 08S78
Timothy Yong 08S76
Rebecca Hong Si Hui 08S76
Lua Li Ping 08S76

Wed 30/04/08

Chan Min Jian 08A13
Fabian Kho 08A13
Koh Shang Yong 08A13
Alton Chang 08A11
Lim Rui Xian 08S7A
Tay Zeng Hao 08S74
Cheam Jia Jun 08S74
Edwin Tan 08S74
Tham Kar Mun 08S70
Jessie Huen 08S70
Andre Lee 08S70
Lim Chong Tee 08S70
Ong Chit Yin 08S70
Wong Jia Min 08S72
Jillian Lye 08S72
Yang Lu 08S72
Caroline Lee 08S72
Melissa Sng 08A10
Loo Jin Xiang 08A10
Valerie Goh 08A10
Amanda Lim 08A10
Tham Shen Hong 08A10
Vanessa Hang 08A10
Theophilia Yang 08A10
Louise Ng 08A10
Melody Ho Yiting 08A10

Fri 02/05/08

Amanda Lim 08A11
Melody Ho Yiting 08A10
Tham Kar Mum 08S70
Soh Wee Kian 08S78
Koh Shang Yong 08A13
Zhang Yumeng 08A13
Cheam Jia Jun 08S74
Shen Hong 08A10 M
Louise Ng 08A10 F
Vanessa Hang 08A10 F
Andre Lee 08S70 M
Ong Chit Yin 08S70 F
Yang Lu 08S72 F
Caroline Lee 08S72 F
Rebecca Hong Si Hui 08S76 F
Lua Li Ping 08S76 F
Tan Xi Ping 08S78 F
Edwin Tan 08S74 M
Lim Chong Tee 08S70 M

Potential publicity and dance I/Cs are required to come down on 2 days- 1 for an interview and Friday to showcase their art piece/ choreographed dance (refer to details)*.

Interviews and art/ dance showcases will be conducted as a group, according to your classes (I.e. 6 applicants from a particular class will be interviewed together).

Do remember your time slot and come prepared. Should you be unable to make it due to any reason, make a mutual swop with any of the other applicants and inform us of who you are and who you are swopping with at 97365549 at least a day beforehand. Applicants are excused from CCA for the interview. Venues will be posted on the blog once they have been confirmed.

Here’s a heads up on the things we’ll need you guys to do –

To-be Activities ICs• Spend time at places that stimulate your creative juices and think of quirky and fresh ideas for faculty outings!
• Note: If you can come up with ideas for inter-faculty activities that will be a bonus, though please do take the overall feasibility into account!

*To-be Dance ICs• Prepare a choreography (4 sets of 8) for next year’s winning faculty dance :)
• The choice of song is up to you, though catchy songs are preferred. Please try to work in a cheer into the dance!
• Note: Please make the necessary arrangements – we will have a laptop available on that day so you can bring your music file in a thumb drive, CD or just use your handphone.

*To-be Publications ICs• Prepare a design for the Ares board on a minimum and maximum working space of a4 and a3 size respectively. Design should be in portrait format.
• Note: It will be a bonus if you can think of ideas such as attractive, interesting columns that are updateable so as to attract a regular viewer base.

To-be Secretary/Treasurers• Exchange all your cash to 10cent coins to practice your money counting skills!
• Note: You may decide to take a pass on this one

To-be Sports ICs• Undertake a journey of self-discovery

On the whole, we hope you guys understand that like the central problem of economics (scarcity), there are a limited number of people whom we can choose to be in faculty committee. However, we sincerely hope you will respect our decision and continue to support the trail-blazing, simply amazing heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, eyeball-popping, loudest, funkiest and most happening faculty – Ares! no matter what!

Rachel and John:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Faculty Head Elections

Presenting to you, your newly elected Faculty Head, John Peter Ong from 08S70 and Deputy Faculty Head, Rachel Chng from 08A13!

This wednesday will be CSM, and they will need your help to win the cheering competition (again!), so do show your support for John and Rachel!

Also for Fac Comm applicants, John and Rachel will be scheduling interview timeslots soon, so do check the blog or fishtank notice board next week!

Here you have it, Rachel and John!

<3 Bryan & Jin Yang

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a red evening to remember

To download photos, go to the individual page for each photo, look to the right for a lime-green box full of links. The fifth link should be "Download". Click on that! (:

Thank you to Stanley and Yumeng for additional help with photos (:

<3 fac comm (:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

an ares sunset (:

hope everyone enjoyed themselves at the fac outing!
<3 fac comm (:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

cos life's a beach

Yo Ares! Here's a preview of our fac outing location, with a really nice view of the southernmost tip of Asia (beyond the bridge) You can still come and pay on the day itself if you haven't placed an order for tickets!

Remember, it's 19th April (this Saturday) from 6 to 10pm (evening programme) and at 2.30pm for those taking part in the treasure hunt ((: Dress code's casual, so anything goes!

Bring along your own picnic mat if you have one, or you can use the canvas sheets that we'll be providing. However, canvas sheets are limited, so try to bring your own!

Remember to give your fac hunk and babe nominees a pat on the back for their courage in joining the competition if you see them around in school ;)

See you this Saturday!
<3 fac comm

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fac Hunks and Babes Nominees!

A Red Evening @ Sentosa

Who: YOU
What: Ares Fac Outing
When: 6pm-10pm, 19th April, Saturday
Where: Palawan Beach, Sentosa
Why: Good Food (4 Seasons), Fun Games (Attractive Prizes & Fac Hunks and Babes!
How: Take Monorail (To beach station) from vivocity or shuttle service from Harbourfront

Attire: Casual

So what are you waiting for? Come for A Red Evening @ Sentosa now! Order your tickets through your CT-reps asap! Only $14!

<3 Ares Fac Comm

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ares Pullovers

Hey people,

Due to demand for Ares Pullovers, we are considering ordering a second batch if we can meet a certain quantity which the suppliers are willing to print for us for a reasonable price.

We will be setting up a booth outside council room on Wednesday (8th April) and Thursday (9th April) from ~2 to 4pm. So do come down to order if you are interested! You need not pay yet, as the order is not confirmed until we reach a target. We will contact you and let you know whether we are ordering it or not. It will cost around $19 - $20. So, ask your friend/seniors/teachers if they want one and place the orders asap! You don't have to be from Ares to own an ARESpullover!

Alternatively, you can sms your order to 92761711. Include your name, class, contact no. and sizes you want (available:XS,S,M,L,XL,XXS). Thank you!

p.s. Fac outing will be around 6-10pm. The activities before that are optional haha, but you can consider having a class gathering before that and maybe explore sentosa lol. More details will be released soon so watch this space!

<3 Ares

Saturday, April 05, 2008

coming soon: ares fac outing! (:

so exciting! hee hee (:
<3 fac comm!

Friday, April 04, 2008




14th April
8x200m Boys 1530
8x200m Girls 1530
8x200m Mixed 1530
4x400m Boys 1545
4x400m Girls 1545

4x100m boys and girls relay

to sign up please approach our friendly sports ic Keef Lin from 07S7C or call him at this number, 91183755, by Wednesday!

<3 Fac Comm

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

35th Students Council - Ares

Also, we'd like to thank all who have ran for council, and we hope that you will continue to give your peers your fullest support for future council events! (:

<3 Ares