Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pullover Sizes!

Hey Aresians! For those of you who ordered the pullovers, please check this document here to confirm your pullover sizes!

If your size is incorrect or left blank, please come down to the Fishtank tomorrow from 1.30pm onwards to try on the sample pullovers.

Alternatively, if you have an idea of what size you want already, just SMS the size you want for your pullover, along with your name and class to Bryan (98336899) or Jin Yang (92761711), latest by Friday 11.59pm! Please help spread the message to your friend who ordered pullovers too!

- Ares Fac Comm (:

P.S. The sizes available to order are XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. The sizes available for trying on are S, M, L.
P.S.S. For those medium sized people who ordered size L, you may want to come down tomorrow to try the samples, because L is really big and many people have downsized from an L to an M!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Work work that body! There'll be a dance session tomorrow from 3pm onwards at the area outside audi, remember to pass the message around!

And here's a little in-between-mugging entertainment:


Thursday, January 24, 2008

ARES Faculty Pullover!

Hey Ares!

Worried about not getting to see a sample size for the pullover? Worried about ordering a size too big or too small?

Fret not!

You can now order the pullover first without indicating what size you want. Just indicate that you are buying one on the CT order form with your CT rep tomorrow (friday) and pass him/her $19. We will then obtain a sample of the pullover and then get back to those who ordered to confirm the sizes asap! :)

-Fac Comm

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


hello once more. ((: for those who didn't make it to the cast list, fret not for there is another chance you will be part of the production crew! yay.(: now, like the cast, those chosen to be in the production crew, please meet at LT5 at 2.30 tomorrow where there will be a briefing conducted for all. see you guys soon (:

-Natascha Phua (ares production manager)

Director: Evelyn Wong 07S7A
Production Manager: Natascha Phua 07A11
Stage Manager: Leong Yi Ming 07A11
Publicity I/C: Yvonne Lee 07S72
Ticketing I/C: Keef Lin 07S7C

Sean Poh (i/c) 07S78
Jolene Ng 08A10
Wu Jing Yu 08A12
Boon Yang 08A12
Kai Ye 08A13
Zhou Jing 08S72
Lim Jia Chen 08S72
Chang Kai Qing 08S78
Pua Kuan Hua 08S78
Chen Pinyan 08S78

Lynn (i/c) 07A13
Sandra Tan 08S76
Melissa Yong 08S78

Ezra (i/c) 07A10
Claire 08A10
Bjion 08A12

Huitian (i/c) 07A11
Sharon Pui 07A11
Zesa 07A11
Song Ping 07A11
Stephanie Hooi 07A11
Edward Ng 08A11
Rachel Lim 08A11
Amandes 08A11
Noreen Yong 08A13
Jillian Goh 08A13
Song Kang 08A13
Nicolas Eng 08A13
Rachel Chng 08A13
Qiu Yong Hui 08A13
Yeo Hui Qi 08S7A
Seah Yujie 08S7A
Lim Ruixian 08S7A
Joelynn Wong 08S7A
Elaine Tan 08S7A
Clarisse Lok 08S70
Grace Tang 08S72
Xin Hui 08S76
Quek Yi Ting 08S78
Abigail Kor 08A10

Yvonne Lee (i/c) 07S72
Rachel Teng 08A10
Valerie Goh 08A10
Melody 08A10
Yee Hui 08A13
Marissa Yee 08A13
Ong Chit Yin 08S70
Marianne Chee 08S76

Hanzhi (i/c) 07A12
Dantong 07A10
Joan 07A10
Minzhi 07A10
Amanda Lim 08A10


hello aresians! thanks to all those who came down for auditions on friday and tuesday. (: the turn out had been fantastic and it only made our job more difficult in choosing the best people for the roles. (: congrats to those who made it to the cast list, and for those who didn't, a job well done nonetheless, and we hope you will still support your friends and faculty by buying tickets to see the show. ((: so without further ado, here is the cast list for ares dramafest'08...

Main Cast
Tiffany: Jessie Huen 08S70
Stella: Teng Jing Wei 08A11
Mafia Boss: Joseph Tay 08A11
Rob: Fabian Kho 08A13

Supporting Cast
Show girls: Ying Ting 08S78
Theopilla 08A10
Louise 08A10
Nicolette 08A13

Show men: Edwin* 08S74
Zhaobuo* 08S74
Yu Meng 08A13
Cedic 08A13

Mafia Goons: Min Jian 08A13
Yi Jun 08A13

Mafia Thugs: Edwin* 08S74
Zhaobuo 08S74

Announcer: Rui Yi 08A13

* People with dual roles.

Cast, please meet at LT5 tomomrrow at 2.30pm. There will be a briefing conducted for all those involved in dramafest. The meeting may last until 4.30pm. Thanks so much and i'll see you all really soon. hehe.

-Natascha Phua (Ares Production Manager)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Hey Ares! There's going to be a dance practice on TUESDAY (tomorrow)!

This session will be conducted on behalf of those who have missed previous dance sessions and not learnt the dance, or missed out on portions of it. It'll be a starting-from-scratch kind of Ares fac dance lesson. SENIORS are also highly encouraged to join in and learn too! (So juniors, feel free to drag your seniors down, should they be... uncooperative.)

Date: Tuesday, 22 January
Location: RUA (room under auditorium)
Time: do arrive around 1.30-2.00pm!

ALSO, there'll be another mass dance practice on Friday. We'll update the blog as soon as we finalize details! :D Meanwhile, have fun practicing with the dance tutorials. Next up will be a video of Carlos and Sharon performing the dance in slow-motion, their backs facing us, so you can follow them easier and pick up the dance!

So, see you tomorrow!!

P.S. Venue for tomorrow's dramafeste auditions are at A303!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ares Dance "Teaching" Videos!

As promised, here are some "teaching" videos to facilitate learning some of the harder moves! It comes with a comprehensive narration as well as subtitles. You can now mug the dance at home - pausing the video at segments and replaying it over and over! Enjoy (:

"Hyped up psyched up" segment:

"Ooh ah ah ah ah oooooooh" segment:

How to do a zexy body roll:

Keep up the GREAT work in learning the Ares fac dance!

- Ares Fac Comm (:

Thursday, January 17, 2008


To all Aresians who showed up today at the faculty dance practice - we were bowled over by your diligence and dedication to master the dance. It was an spectacular show of perseverance as you guys continued to dance tirelessly even after for relentless hours. Seriously, YOU GUYS ROCK.

Keep up the AMAZING, ardent Ares spirit, drag absent classmates to the next dance practices - we'll definitely clinch the Best Faculty Dance of 2008!

Coming your way soon are a series of short teaching videos to help clear up some of the more complicated steps like notorious body waves, so you can polish up your moves at home. So check back soon! ARES BANZAI :)

Ares Fac Comm


War Games

Size doesn't matter when you've got SPIRIT! We put up a good fight, aye, taking on the mighty God of (the) Sun at the border. We fought fair (no backstabbing hee) and we fought hard! So be proud of yourselves!


An exhilarating end to an exhilarating two weeks of orientation!

All the Ares classes really blew us away with your enthusiasm and creativity in your class items and class flags! We really liked a lot of your designs, but it's too bad we can only send in one entry :(

A10 ke bah bah! You guys and gals did an awesome job with your flag! The majestic stallion is seriously....fwoar!

All of you should keep your flags for posterity! Pass down to your juniors so they can be inspired next campfire :)

The pride and joy of Ares T_T : A13!!! You all really pulled through with an amazing performance! We were standing at the side next to the judges, and they were ROARING with laughter. Superb job *thumbs up!*

Hwaaaaa Chong ah!

Fac Dance! H-A-W-T!!! Let's go all the way and win this year's Dance Competition woo!

At the end of the day, you know it's still about Hwa Chong, and Jumpstart is only the beginning of this entertaining journey. Here's to an exciting 2008!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dramafeste Auditions

Hey J1s, here are the audition timeslots for Dramafeste 2008!

Thank you all for enthusiastically signing up for the Dramafeste of your life!

We are still adding names to this list (some classes just handed up their application forms) so if you do not see your name on this list yet, do check back frequently!

If you cannot make it for your scheduled timeslot or find it inconvenient, People in 08SXX[Science] contact Evelyn (director) at 9853 6396 or people in 08AXX[Arts] Natascha (Productions Manager) at 94234290. Please report at the venue 10 minutes before your allocated timeslot! All the best for your auditions! :)

Friday (18/1)
Venue: A300
Things to bring: Confidence

1 3:10 Quek Yi Ting 08S78
2 3:20 Chai Ping 08S78
3 3:30 Ying Ting 08S78
4 3:40 Pinyan 08S78
5 3:50 Grace Tang 08S72
6 4:00 Jia Chen 08S72
7 4:10 Jessie Huen 08S70
8 4:20 Lua Liping 08S76
9 4:30 Rachel 08A10
10 4:40 Theopilia 08A10
11 4:50 Nicolette 08A10
12 5:00 Claire 08A10
13 5:10 Louise 08A10
14 5:20 Vanessa 08A10
15 5:30 Abby 08A10
16 5:40 Rachel Lim 08A11
17 5:50 Teng Jingwei 08A11
18 6:00 Charlotte Lee 08A11
19 6:10 Joseph 08A11
20 6:20 Jasmine 08A12
21 6:30 Aston 08A12
22 6:40 Chan Qiu Ting 08A12
23 6:50 Justin O8A12
Tuesday (22/1)
Venue: A303

1 2:10 Marissa 08A13
2 2:20 Yumeng 08A13
3 2:30 Shang Yong 08A13
4 2:40 Noreen 08A13
5 2:50 Jillian 08A13
6 3:00 Song Kang 08A13
7 3:10 Vera 08A13
8 3:20 Nicolette 08A13
9 3:30 Kai Ye 08A13
10 3:40 Yong Hui 08A13
11 3:50 Min Jian 08A13
12 4:00 Rui Yi 08A13
13 4:10 Dexter 08A13
14 4:20 Fabian 08A13
15 4:30 Jia Sheng 08A13
16 4:40 Chuan Yi 08A13
17 4:50 Ee Chu 08A13
18 5:00 Alan 08A13
19 5:10 Nicolas 08A13
20 5:20 Rachel 08A13
21 5:30 Cedric 08A13
22 5:40 Norvin 08A13
23 5:50 Yi Jun 08A13
24 6:00 Kian Keong 08A13
25 6:10 Bing Yang 08A13

Ares Fac Comm =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our very own fac dance video's up on youtube! Spread the love (:

And remember, Thursday's our next mass Ares dance session, 3.30pm to 5.30pm outside audi. Cya there!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Woo just to hype all of you up for tomorrow's dance session, here's a reason why every hot-blooded Aresian should learn our dance! So remember, bring your PE or fac (preferred, of course hehe) shirt tomorrow!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


YO Ares! Campfire was a BLAST! You guys and gals really blew us away with your support for Ares during Campfire. Congratulations to A13 for bagging the BEST PERFORMANCE of the night, and thank you to A10 for designing what we felt was the TRUE best flag of the night! (Once we get pictures of the showcased items from Zhongwei, we'll make a post dedicated to them!)

Also displayed was the Ares Faculty Dance 2008! And you will all have the chance to perform the dance, as a WHOLE faculty! We are conducting a series of mass dance lessons so you will all master the dance.

Date: Monday, 14 January 2008
Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm
Location: Hall
Items to bring: PE shirt

The music for the dance can be found HERE!
(Right click and Save As)

You've seen the other facs' dances, and you KNOW we can win the dance competition (imagine the whole faculty dancing in-sync and shouting together...FWOAR) so do try to make it for all the dance sessions! You can find our previous years' fac dance songs and videos (2007's CNY dance is a MUST-WATCH) from the link above.

So come for dance practices and get ready to SHAKE the whole school on Post-Orientation Party!!