Thursday, July 31, 2008

An End to A Chapter of Hwa Chong's History

A most revered institution in Hwa Chong finally made his exit today. Our dear security guard supervisor Uncle Chong bade his farewell to the school he has worked in for the last 8 years. Uncle Chong has indeed been a stalwart in ensuring the security of our College. A few years back, he even gave chase to an intruder who sneaked into College to steal from our students. The pursuit took him out of school and across the overhead bridge. Not bad at all from a 4o plus year old. Uncle Chong has always been accommodating to our requests for opening rooms at the last minute for meetings or study sessions. He has indeed been of great help to our faculty committee and students during dance sessions and Dramafeste rehearsals. Beyond the often fierce and intimidating exterior is an individual who is ever willing to extend a helping hand whenever possible. We are indeed glad to have known him. Here's wishing him all the best in his future endeavours. He will be remembered as a friend of ARES...

Monday, July 28, 2008

The God(s) of War

Ares is the God of War. He’s strong, manly, and very often depicted nude. (Here is a good site for finding out more about our favourite deity.)

Nothing too PG here, don’t worry.

Yeah bby, too cool for school. Anyway, here are some other gods of war:

Odin, the chief god in Norse Paganism. Though the roles of gods in Norse mythology are complex, and he isn’t so much the God of War as he is also associated with wisdom, war, battle and death and also magic, poetry, prophecy, victory and the hunt… oh well! Interestingly enough, the horse was closely linked to him as a symbol of his power.

His wife cheated on him though. Wonder why.

Our next God of War is this dude called Murugan. Well, actually, you can call him Senthil, Saravaa, Kārttikeya, Arumugam, Shanmukha, Kumāra, Guha, Skanda, Subrahmaya, Vēla or Swaminatha.

He’s a Hindu deity!

What's my point? Uh... Ares is the BEST God of War ever. Yeah. Meanwhile, let me direct you to this game, which, while slightly tedious, is also deceptively addictive. Never mind the fact that it has nothing to do with the rest of the post. Warning: don't click if you have something else you should be doing. Have a nice day, Ares!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Today in History

This is a post to check if all systems are working. The other reason is to provide some information on supposedly useless events to bore unsuspecting students to death.

Did you know 55 years ago an armistice was signed bringing an halt to the hostilities in Korean War (1950-1953)? Today, the North and South are still technically at war as one South Korean tourist found out to her cost last week. The DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) remains one of the most heavily guarded and fortified areas in the world.

From a bored person.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


The theme: Facepainted Aresian at OCS
And our RANDOM FEATURED ARESIAN is: Tan Ren Xuan from 08S78, sporting his cool face paint at OCS -

Hope everyone had fun at OCS, let's all thank the facepaint station master for his wise teachings

More aresians will be featured in the near future! Stay tuned :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

1508 NIGHT

Hello red folks.

Good day to all. Now that the blocks are over and our results will be sent to our parents via snail mail (!), it is time to ravish in some really red rocking fun:)

Plans are under way for the upcoming ad- hoc event: a HIGHLY SUPER DUPER CONFIDENTIAL, STAY-TUNED- FOR- MORE- DETAILS, TOP SECRET operation. Password: 15/08 MAN.


Away with tutorials, class tests and WRs! Set aside your night on 15th of August 2008 for a HIGHLY SUPER DUPER CONFIDENTIAL, STAY-TUNED- FOR- MORE- DETAILS, TOP SECRET operation with your classmates, seniors, juniors and random Aresian friends!

For a clue of what is coming up, refer to the audition table below and try to infer as much as possible!:) Meanwhile, those groups involved please take note of your audition timings and do be punctual! Kindly inform any FC member at least two days in advance if there are any special requests. Thanks!

22nd July – 28th July

22nd July, Tuesday
Time Group Class

1600 Don’t Ignore This Notice (D.ITN) A10

24th July, Thursday
Time Group Class

1500 The Meanies S72
1530 Kinky Dudes S70, A10
1600__ People S74, S7C
1630 Li Zhen Yang S7C

28th July, Monday
Time Group Class

1400 Fabian, Tan Jun Yang A11, A12
1430 Tan Jun Yang A12
1500 Seven Eight S78
1530 We Love Widjaja S7A
1600 Cedric Teng A13

VENUE: To be confirmed (SMS will be sent to you/ your group leader)

soooooooooo. check this space for 1508!

with much love (25 days before 1508),

Rachel and John
:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) [one for each day. HAHA]