Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ares Fac Comm 2007/2008

Proudly presenting...

Ares Faculty Committee 2007/08

Faculty Head:
Bryan Buan (07S7C)

Deputy Faculty Head:
Ang Jin Yang (07A11)

Tay Jia Yuan (07S76)

Activities I/Cs:
Daryl Lee (07A10)
Sean Poh (07S78)
Natascha Phua (07A11)

Dance I/Cs:
Sharon Kwek (07S7A)
Carlos Yang (07S76)

Sports I/Cs:
Keef Lin (07S7C)
Calvin Chia (07A13)

Publicity I/Cs:
Yvonne Lee (07S72)
Yeo Ming Han (07S78)

We really hope that you all will give the new Fac Comm your support. It was a hard choice to make, but ultimately we decided that this team would be the best for Ares :) On behalf of the Fac Comm 07/08, we promise that we will do our best for Ares, and we will not let you guys down :)

Bryan & Jin Yang