Thursday, March 27, 2008

students' council general elections 2008

To all the groups who are running tomorrow, we're wishing you the BEST OF LUCK! (: See you all at the Hall tomorrow!

To view the list of nominees, click on this URL:

<3 fac comm (:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ares Faculty Outing!

Hey Aresians! If you are interesting in putting up a performance for the upcoming Ares Faculty Outing, please send an email to:

and include your
- Name (of all performers)
- Class ( " " " )
- Hp. No. ( " " " )
- Type of performance (e.g. Snake Charming, Belly Dancing, Fire Eating)
- Logistics you will be using (e.g. Amplifier)

Do take note that all performers are to be from Ares!

Also, we won't accept any rockband performances which will require drumsets etc. But acoustic guitar performances are fine! This is open to all J1 & J2 Aresians! We will contact you further with details for an audition if there is an overwhelming response!

Thanks and good luck to all J2s for the upcoming blocks!

<3 Ares Fac Comm

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

some late photos ._.

But hopefully still as funny, to keep you guys entertained (: These are some previously unseen photos from Valentine's Day! Look, the highly desi(red) Fish Tank Uncle endorses us (:

<3 fac comm (:

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Dear grand-seniors,

Here's wishing you all THE VERY BEST for the Great Moment of Truth tomorrow; much love, blessings and well-wishes from Ares! Ganbatte!! And dear fellow Aresians, do leave your seniors bits of encouragement on the tagboard to show them how much they're loved (:

<3 fac comm (: