Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ares Faculty Committee 08-09

The results are as follows:

1. John Peter Ong 08S70 Faculty Head
2. Chng Hui Ting Rachel 08A13 Deputy Faculty Head
3. Mui Boon Yang 08A12* Secretary- Tres
4. Lim Chong Tee 08S70* Dance I/C
5. Ong Chit Yin 08S70 Dance I/C
6. Melody Ho Yiting 08A10 Publicity I/C
7. Tham Kar Mun 08S70 Publicity I/C
8. Timothy Yong 08S76 Sports I/C
9. Aran Atsuo 08A12 Sports I/C
10. Tay Zeng Hao 08S74* Sports I/C
11. Loo Jin Xiang 08A10* Activity I/C
12. Poh Yu Hui 08A11* Activity I/C
13. Kho Han Jie Fabian 08A13* Activity I/C
14. Wong Jia Min 08S72* Activity I/C
15. Lee Shu Fan 08S76* Activity I/C
16. Soh Wee Kian 08S78* Activity I/C
17. Yeo Hui Qi 08S7A* Activity I/C
18. Khor Jing Ying 08S7C* Activity I/C

*denotes CT representatives

Congratulations to all who have made it into the Ares Faculty Committee 08-09.
We would like to thank all who have expressed their interest in serving the Ares Faculty.
We do hope all Aresians will support the Ares Faculty Committee for our upcoming term ahead to make Ares the most happening faculty ever!